Bob Brady

Full Stack Software Engineer


Bob Brady AKA DigiBrady

My name is Bob Brady, aka DigiBrady. I’m a full stack software engineer. This means I have a broad skill set and can give you advice ranging from the styling of your website to the JavaScript controlling the behavior of your app to administering the deployment in the Amazon cloud. The goal of this website is to help you make well-informed decisions about your future or current websites.

I have over 15 years of experience building web applications. I've coded with the web trinity of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS from the beginning. The software stack I have used has varied over years from Perl/CGI/Apache to PHP/Wordpress to Java/JSP/Tomcat to NodeJS/MVC/Templates/Nginx. And the stacks keep coming out! I've recently been working with ReactJS and ES6.

I’m a Linux expert, having both Red Hat Engineer and CompTIA Linux certifications. My expertise in Java is also verified with a Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 7 certificate. All of my skills can be brought to bear to help you understand your website problems and available solutions.


How I do my work


  • Javascript | NodeJS
  • Oracle Certified Java
  • Bash | SH
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL | MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • OAUth
  • Google
Tools | Frameworks
  • ExpressJS | Loopback
  • Spring Boot | Hibernate
  • Selenium
  • Mocha | Chai | Istanbul
  • Webpack | Gulp
  • GIT | SVN
  • Wordpress


  • HTML5 (+Canvas)
  • CSS3 & Responsive
  • Stylus
  • ES5 | ES6
  • Babel | ESLint
  • jQuery
  • Backbone.js
  • React | React Router
  • AngularJS
Tools | Frameworks
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome | Google fonts
  • Stylus | Less
  • Jade | Pug | Handlebars
  • Gulp | Webpack


DevOps | AWS
  • EC2 Instance Admin
  • S3 Bucket Admin
  • Cache Cluster Admin
  • Virtual Cloud Admin
  • Certified RedHat Engineer
  • Certified CompTIA Linux
Tools | Frameworks
  • Docker
  • Bamboo CI Admin


What I can do for you


  • Build RESTful APIs in Node.js, Java
  • Stand-up services quickly using best practices
  • Code and integrate microservices
  • Take advantage of open source like Drools Rules Engine
  • Select the best type of DB: SQL | NoSQL
  • Design the data model
  • Tune and debug DB calls
  • Use Authentication/Authorization standards like OAuth
  • Configure AWS cloud firewall rules
  • System monitoring for warning signs


  • Use Backbone.js, AngularJS, ReactJS browser-side
  • Develop modular, object-oriented code with design patterns
  • Quality assurance with linting, tests, coverage analysis
  • Take advantage of open source like Moment or Async
  • Ability to use jQuery to meet spec
  • Layout first, then style to spec
  • Preprocessors like Stylus for less churn


Architecture | Design
  • Work with client to identify use cases
  • Build out user stories from use cases
  • Work with client to ensure API meets spec
  • Plan microservice design up front, verify before code
  • Document architecture and design for client
Amazon Web Service
  • Create secure virtual public cloud for client
  • Create instances for microservice deployment
  • Configure 3rd party servers or load balancing
Test | CI
  • Configure CI server like Jenkins
  • Configure CI test runs after master check-in
  • Create unit, integration, UI, and load tests
  • Present CI results to client


XiaoBlog: MEAN stack blog engine

Xiao Blog Engine Screen Shot

Xiao Blog Engine is an open source blogging platform built with Node.js, MongoDB, and Bootstrap. It is designed to be easy-to-use, responsive, and lightning fast.

Xiao Blog Engine Responsive Design

Xiao Node.js has a responsive design, shown here rendered on a mobile device.

Xiao Blog NodeJS MVC Design Pattern

Xiao Node.js architecture utilizes a JavaScript MVC pattern and MongoDB modeling with Mongoose JS.

Xiao Blog Engine many more features available, details are given in the Features section at the live demo site: Source code for Xiao blog engine can be found on the GitHub repo: nodejs-blog-engine

Sharp Reporter: a Responsive Bootstrap Theme

Sharp Reporter Bootstrap Responsive Theme on a Laptop
Sharp Reporter is a clean, minimalist design suitable for blogging.
Sharp Reporter Bootstrap Responsive Theme on a Mobile Device
Sharp Reporter on-the-street beat with a responsive design for mobile devices.

A live demo of the template can be seen at The Sharp Reporter source code is freely available at the GitHub repo: sharp-reporter.


Feel free to reach out to me